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Biosourced bottles to package your care and hygiene products
Veganbottle care is a gspecific amme to package your healthy and natural products.
A single-material bottle  with a co-product addition  of your choice: linen, reed,  hemp, bamboo,
small po
is, shells to distinguish you from traditional plastics and awear additional barrier protection.

flacons beauté hygiène cosmétique biosourcé
coproduit pour fabrication de bouteilles biosourcées réutilisables

Eco-responsible packagingTHE

For cosmetics, hygiene or maintenance


available as standard in formats250mlAnd500ml


  • Made in France

  • Does not contain petroleum

  • 100% organic

  • Reusable

  • End of life: industrial compostable, landfill, incineration

  • Biodegradable, compostable EN13432 standard

  • Free of bisphenol A, antimony and bromine

  • No end-of-life toxicity (NFU44-051) upon biodegradation in soil

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Our design office supports you if you wish to develop a tailor-made model with a co-product consistent with the content.

coproduit français pour emballage biosourcés
empreintec02 - Copie.PNG

Co-products are organic residues, what remains after use, which we recycle to incorporate them into our raw material, a compostable biopolymer.

A saving of resourcessources, of gas emissions which is part of a 5R circular economy "From earth to earth".

Economie Circulaire des 5R
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Et pour aller au bout de la démarche, optez pour l'étiquette compostable. 
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